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We believe a life lived beautifully is the only life worth living.

We're passionate about creating sensible and FUN ways to incorporate self-care and wellness into EVERY lifestyle... so you can be the most healthy, balanced, and all around AWESOME version of YOU inside and out!

We do this (and life) 'Warrior Style'.

What does that mean?

We live and breathe our brand.

We carry our curriculum with us (literally) and practice what we preach.

We're always looking for opportunities to share our gifts, and help you share yours!

We'd LOVE to help you design and create your most beautiful life, inside and out!


Meet the Team

We're a two-woman force of nature...

SeaBLOOM and DomROSE.  Yep, those are our last names.  Coincidence?  We don't think so.  We were brought together seven years ago through the beauty industry, and now we're spreading beauty around the world.

Laura Seabloom We Are Wellness Warriors

Laura Seabloom

Co-Founder, Certified Holistic Health Coach, MA

Feel great from within and love the body you’re in – this is my motto.  I specialize in working with people on body image and self-esteem guiding them to what their best self looks and feels like.
From a young age holistic health has played a major role in my life, experiencing personal transformation through the healing modalities of nutrition, yoga, self-love, positive self-talk/self-care as well as other practices.  This created a foundation to build off as I pursued my passions and career path.
​​​​​​​I am a certified Health Coach and Yoga Instructor and hold my Master’s Degree in Holistic Health Studies. Working with individuals, groups, and businesses I offer support and guidance in reaching your personalized health and wellness goals, while enabling you to enjoy the process along the way.
​​​​​​​With my two amazing boys, husband, friends and family, I work to stay balanced and grounded in my path to being my best self everyday and truly feel honed to work aside you on your journey. Get ready to transform and let the true you shine through.


Stephanie Domrose

Co-Founder, Lifestylist/Coach, Cosmetologist, Energy Healer

Hi!  I’m Stephanie.  I’m a coach, hair and make-up artist, and entrepreneur- and I’m here to show you you’re beautiful.
After over a decade in the beauty industry working/creating/educating at a top salon in the Aveda network, I realized nurturing OUTER beauty only covers half the picture.
​​​​​​​I woke up one day and realized the ‘beautiful’ life I’d created was actually killing me.  I left that life, the husband, the house, the over-working, the negativity, and the old me- I dumped it all and re-invented myself.
​​​​​​​This time, by my own design.
​​​​​​​I’m here to help you become the beautiful, powerful, sparkly you that you’ve always known you could be.  (oh, yeah- you sparkle!)
​​​​​​​Maybe you forgot about her, like I did. But it’s never too late to create a life  you love.

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